Laboratory and certification study of materials, products and constructions

"Gervin" LLC works closely with the  Scientific Research Laboratory of Effective Building Constructions of the Vinnitsa National Technical University in the area  of certification, approval and periodic tests.

Engineering institute  of the Vinnitsa National Technical University.


According to the contract about the joint use of the research results with the Vinnitsa National Technical University the company pays great attention to the modernization  of the laboratory material and technical foundation, maintenance of the main rooms in good repair, well-timed calibration of the test and measurement equipment in the Agencies  for Technical Regulation and Metrology.

The result of this cooperation is accreditation to the technical competence of the Scientific Research Laboratory in   the National Agency of  the Accreditation in Ukraine.

There are 53 catalogue pages of different building products, which are produced in Ukraine and are allowed to be tested in the given laboratory. That is why orders for performing the tests come from the whole territory of Ukraine.

The laboratory carries out  tests of organic and inorganic building materials, products and structures made of reinforced concrete, metal, wood, plastic, wall products, sticky aggregates, roofing,  finishing, painting materials and  thermal insulation in terms of appearance, geometrical parameters, physical, mechanical and performance characteristics: strength, stiffness, spalling resistance, hardness, frost resistance, heat resistance, thermal conductivity, density, toughness, adhesion, shrinkage, abrasion, wear resistance, humidity, water absorption water-proofing capacity,  quality of welded products. 

Compression testing of concrete cubes


Rattler testing of concrete cubes


Equipment for strength test  with mechanical transmission


Definition of physical and mechanic characteristics of reinforcement steel


Strength test of sandwich panels


Test of glass units


Field reliability test of the PVC door


Equipment for rattler testing of ceramic plates