Scientific research work. Specification writing for building products. Testing of materials and technological innovations.

Availability of experienced  staff in the area of designing and research and development  together with the developed laboratory facilities allow to take orders for the drafting and specifications writing for mass production of building products.

Design and engineering and exploratory developments of the specialists of the company are implemented on the concrete product plants in Vinnitsa and Chmelnitskiy, on the plant of the special  reinforced concrete  in Gnivan. These developments are used in the unique constructions of the power transmission towers for railway lines, pressure and non pressure sewer-pipe drains

Testing of ceiling slabs

Testing of landing platform

Testing of balcony slab

Testing of bearing and supporting structures of the contact system of the electric railways.


If necessary, our experts perform architectural and technical supervision of construction projects, perform laboratory quality control of concrete and reinforcement units, conduct in-place load  tests of the buildings in order to determine  compliance of  the completed construction works with the  design solutions.