Design and construction of apartment buildings


Our company has got long term experience of designing apartments and public buildings.  Among these buildings there  are unique buildings with the appliance of modern  technologies  of frame and frameless monolithic construction. The  objects are designed custom-tailored as well as according to the legal framework. The company provides services of designing apartments; projects for these apartments are designed by the qualified specialists taking into account the advanced building technologies.

Designing of apartments is the responsible, long-termed and knowledge-intensive process.  That’s why in order to satisfy the customers' demands,  the company involves  qualified architects and designing engineers, who are famous in Ukraine and abroad.

The process of designing consists of several important stages, such as development of the architectural concept, sketch plan, layout design, and working construction documents for the apartment.

The first stage is relatively low-cost  and includes the development of the general architectural  building concept of the object based on the preliminary specifications. Leading experts of the company help the customer to define the amount of finance of the further building.

Via special arrangement at this stage we develop three D computer model of the object  (without overdevelopment) with the use of licensed software systems. 

The result of the second stage of  designing, that is the  "Project" stage, is the project documentation,  which includes the investment feasibility study, planning concept,  solution space, plans, elevations and sections of the building, the general plan. Three D computer model  is developed for the whole view by special order at this stage.

The third stage of the designing  is completed with the development of working set of documents, which is prepared for the building yard. It includes the following parts:

Architectural and construction part,

- Construction solutions,
- Water supply and sewerage,
- Ventilation and heating,
- Electrical and low-voltage network
- Cost account.

This set of documents is the most important, expensive and relatively  long-termed stage of the building design.

We emphasize that  the building design of apartment buildings is the most important and responsible part, that is why our company works out carefully all possible variants and solutions, in order to satisfy the needs of the customer.

The specialists of the company  have worked out the detailed engineering drawings for two residential complexes  in the village Tshayka Kiev Sviatoshyn District. 

One of these complexes has got the diploma of  the first degree on  the contest of the best houses and buildings built in Ukraine in 2007.

Construction design documents are worked out for the residential complex in the village Schastlivoe, Borispolskiy District.













The specialists of the company developed housing project of the second microdistrict and the working design of the 14/stored building  in Yuyhnyj, Odessa Region

Detailed engineering drawings for two big logistic centers with the storage buildings,  the area of each is 200 000 m2, were also worked out by the company. The location of the object is  the village Petrovka, Vasilkowskiy District and the town Bucha.


During  the preparations  of the capital of Ukraine for Euro 2012, the company developed a building project of   a hotel and  office multifunctional complex on the Gorky street  50-54 in  Kiev where the unique technology of   erection of a multi-stored underground parking  was used. The work was difficult because of   a lot of   existing underground utilities of the city  and the underground stream on the building yard. 

Private house in the small town Voryel, Kiev Region