Designing and construction of industrial buildings

A large segment of the total amount of work performed by the company, is engaged in the reconstruction of industrial facilities. The basis of these works  is  the implementation  of advanced scientific and technological developments of  the Ukrainian scientists and well-known international companies such as  "Sika", "Honeywell" and others.

Specialists of the company have  made the technical inspection  and reconstruction projects of the  unique engineering structures JSC "Odessa Port Factory" (hereafter OPF). The operation of two towers,  105m tall each,  was resumed  for the production of granulated urea thereby it  was supposed to do the complete replacement of the existing slab at the elevation of  74m, under conditions of the  current technological  process.

The working efficiency of  reactive  run-off balancing reservoir is increased as well as of steel constructions of the transport gallery and load bearing structures  of the transportation department of JSC “Odessa Port Factory ”.








The convection zone of the furnace of the primary reforming ammonia plant and an underground tank with capacity of 6000m3 were modernized according to the  working drawings, what enabled the plant to reduce significantly the overall cost of gas and industrial water  according to the

state resource saving program.

The project of  building of  central control board of the urea production by the JSC "Odessa Port Factory " was  designed along with the Ukrainian representative office of the international company "Honeywell" and the Italian company «Spazio», what  is a pilot project on the territory of the CIS.







In 2008, the company carried out  the  instrumental technical inspection of the terminal building of Vinnitsa municipal enterprise "Airport Vinnitsa".  Due to the further development of design estimates, made in 1993 by the institute "Ukraeroprojekt" and support of repair construction and installation works and complex engineering, it was possible  not only to restore the airport, but also to  convert it into the  international transport company.

"Gervin" LLC developed and implemented projects of reconstruction of the main body of cooler building, refrigerator buildings number 1 and number 2,   production unit of meat products of  Kozyatyn meat-packing plant. During the reconstruction of the liverstock there were  used modern European technologies  in the area of  meat industry.

During the reconstruction together  with the building out  of the shop in the town of Chmielnik, the building of which had been exposed to high temperatures in a fire, it was adopted  the optimal design scheme of the building, which allowed to combine work both of existing and load bearing structural elements. And the object of the project is being worked out by the organization, received the diploma of  the III. degree in the contest of the best facilities built in 2005 in Ukraine.

The Employees  examined  and strengthened the constructions of the  ship loader  №7,1 JSC "Odessa Port Factory "

Development of the design of the strengthening of the wage scales JSC "Odessa Port Factory "

Reconstruction project of the office and amenity building of the motor-road transport department of JSC "Odessa Port Factory "


Development of the design of metal structures for supporting the wind-powered generator


Smoke pipe reconstruction of the boiler department  JSC "Odessa Port Factory "


Building of central department of the  urea production control JSC "Odessa Port Factory "